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In New York, violent crimes can carry serious consequences with them. People being charged with violent crimes vary from young ages to mature adults.  A defendant’s freedom and reputation is on the line. It is extremely important to understand your rights and the challenges of your case as well as the road ahead.

Penalties for committing a violent crime in NY depend on the level of charges, the age of the victim involved and the type of injuries that were sustained. Regardless of the severity of the criminal charges, any conviction will greatly impact your life.

In New York violent crimes are determinate, which means the sentence will be for a set period of years instead of a possible range of years.

The state of New York uses the following sentencing guidelines for violent felonies:

Class A: This is the most serious felony offense, carrying a minimum of 15 and 40 years & up to a life sentence in prison.

Class B: The maximum prison sentence an individual convicted of this class of offense is 25 years, with a minimum of 5 years.

Class C: Depending on the type of factors related to the crime, a Class C offense can carry up to 15 years in prison & a minimum of 3.5 years.

Class D: Just barely more severe than a Class E felony, this type of offense will carry a maximum sentence of 7 years, with a minimum of 2 years.

Class E: The lightest of the felonies, this offense can result in up to 4 years in prison, with a minimum of 1 year.

In addition to jail or prison time, a convicted felon may have to pay thousands of dollars in fines and restitution to the victim(s). There are also many additional penalties a person will face if convicted, they include:

  • Being stripped of the right to vote;
  • Being unable and it being illegal to purchase weapons and firearms;
  • Possibly being required to pay restitution for/to the victim;
  • Felony probation.

These types of violent felony charges can destroy an individual’s life. If you or a loved one are being accused of a felony call and schedule your free consultation today.  You must be aware of your legal options and you can do so by speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney from The Grigoropoulos Law Group!