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Client Reviews

She will help you!

I’ve just closed my injury case concerning my work injury I’ve got two month ago, and I am not sure I would be able to win it because of DoorDash not being black car fund.., if not for Miss G’s knowledge and hard work they would’ve never settled with me. I don’t do well with the language of law but she explained everything easy, showing me all the possible beneficial options I have instead of workers comp and choosing to the best of my interest. Call Miss G she will help you! A review is the least I can do after just signing my settle papers!

– Jeremy     

Excellent, Helpful & Complete professional

Undoubtedly a Personal Injury expert, Don’t hesitate or think twice. She keeps me posted on all my queries and is handling my case par excellence…. would have given 10 stars if they were there.. satisfied till now!

– Riven     

If you are seriously injured you NEED HER

Her and her firm held my hand for 2 years until we won against the insurance! They work at all hours and want the best and will get it!

– anonymous     

Professional & aggressive lawyers! Highly recommended for personal injury & criminal defense!

– Fern     

They best lawyer!

She is help me with my case and always answer and fight with my insurance! She help my family too

– Mamadou Barry     

I finally got the right lawyer a bulldog and a shark!

After firing my old lawyer who wouldn’t return my calls or messages after I had surgery my cousin told me about a lawyer not scared to fight! Miss G and the secretaries were happy to talk to me about my case and now I am waiting for my check! I tell everyone in a car accident about her

– Joe     

very professional service, above and beyond legal service comforting my family while dealing with my case definitely highly recommend these legal services to anyone inquiring

– Eric Gardner     

Great attorney

Chrissy is very kind and generous but also very tough. She has always done a great job and I highly recommend working with her.

– frank     

Great Job, Knowledgeable & Efficient

I highly recommend Ms. Grigoropoulos. She handled my case regarding a personal injury matter. During the process she went above and beyond her duties. Ms. Grigoropoulos was extremely hands on and responsive. She was incredibly proactive, calling and e-mail me regularly regarding any updates in a timely manner. Further, Ms. Grigoropoulos is very knowledgeable in personal injury litigation and was able to answer all of my questions and thoroughly explain the legal process ahead of me. As an attorney, she also excels at negotiation strategies. She explains all viable options and helps guide clients in making the best choice for their case. Ms. Grigoropoulos will always be my first choice for all my legal needs in the future. I highly recommend her services!

– Alla     

Excellent, Helpful & Complete professional :- Undoubtedly a Personal Injury expert, Don’t hesitate or think twice. She keeps me posted on all my queries and is handling my case par excellence…. would have given 10 stars if they were there.. satisfied till now!

– Riven Sethi     

The best lawyer there is honestly, she was excellent and very helpful always looked out for me, I recommend her to anyone that’s currently in a situation to go to her she will take care of you and Chrissy is a great professional in her area of work.

– Andres Nunez     

I called this firm asking for advise because I wanted to change lawyers after waiting 2 years for answers. I spoke to one of the lawyers and they cared enough to call my first lawyer to push for my answers OR ELSE! HONEST LAW FIRM WHO GENUINELY CARES & NOT MONEY HUNGRY they pushed my lawyer to do the right thing! Will definitely recommend them to everyone in the future!

– Monica Romano     

I had problems with my previous lawyer as he never would call back and wasn’t happy to have me as a client, gave me an attitude when I called if he ever answered. I had given him tons of info to lead my case further but it was never a success and I felt my case getting ruined with everyday that passed. I fired that lawyer and had to search for a new lawyer, someone I could trust. One of my friends recommended me GLG. Once Chrissy heard my injuries and surgery she was on it so we didn’t lose the commercial policy! The paralegals started the process immediately and got witness statements and my video evidence. My case got back on track a lot faster than I expected.. pleasantly! Chrissy runs a tight ship she’s a real professional.

– Jensen Hodge     

I recommend Ms. Grigoropoulos to anyone who’s looking for help in fighting for justice. My husband and I got into a bad situation with a neighbor and it was a losing fight we thought. However, when we got into the office and talked to her, we realized we have hope and fighting for the truth won’t be pointless. We won the case and expenses even though we thought it was barely possible in the beginning. Our advice is don’t be afraid to fight for your truth, for your bills and with her help everything is possible!

– Patricia Thomas     

BEST UNION LAWYER, PERIOD. Working with Chrissy and her team is nothing short of amazing. Anything I could possibly want in a team is exactly what they are. I got hurt on a construction site and coming to Grigoropoulos Law Group was the best choice I made after my accident. Professional and courteous, they make you feel like family. When speaking to them they treat you like people instead of dollar signs unlike some other firms. If you’re looking to get your case taken care of the right way, this firm is the way to go.

– Olivia White     

Great firm/lawyer that looks forward not backwards, has a great track record and goes out of their way to make sure that you have all the information available to you when you would like it or need it. Ms. Grigoropoulos goes above and beyond to make sure you understand the case and all your options – she is very honest and forthcoming about all the details of your case, and is a highly accountable person. I would highly recommend her!

– Andrew V.     

I obtained the legal aid of Grigoropolous Law Group, by just walking in off the street. I was greeted with open arms, as I had sustained an injury at work, and needed some advice. Multiple surgeries, and court hearings, I’ve recieved nothing but the best and utmost service, and respect, while going through such a horrible ordeal. You can call at any point during the day, and always recieve an answer to any questions you may have. It could be the littlest question, or concern, and they make you feel like you’re their only client. I have recommended a couple of friends to The Grigoropolous Law Group, and they too have nothing but nice things to say with whatever they are going through themselves. Lastly, I have to throw in that I had two lawyers before I retained the services of Grigoropolous Law Group, and I could never get an appointment to sit down with either lawyer, or even speak with them on the phone. Chrissy Grigoropolous is such an amazing woman. She makes you feel like an actual person in need, and not just another client. I strongly recommend anyone who has been injured on the job, or injured in an accident, to contact The Grigoropolous Law Group. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!


Came in the office and very ones is really nice and friendly definitely recommend them

– Kamryn Delaleu     

Found this law office thru my friend and after I saw google.They have been patients with all my question and help me get money fast. Recommendo this law office to win your money

– Juan Vidal     



I’ve been working with her for the last year and I couldn’t be happier. She is very helpful with all the little details that clients did not even know they needed. She is always friendly and will make time to answer all questions. The attention she gives to her cases allows her clients to focus on what is important, healing and recovery. Before you look to retain one of those “Big” firms, where your case gets lost in the abyss, call Chrissy Grigoropoulos, you’ll thank me later.

– Evangelina Exarhoulias-Lampsas     

If you want a lawyer thats gonna get you ur money this is it. These girls were exactly what i was lookin for. Gettin me my money like i deserve an lookin good doin it. Chrissy n her angels are where its at.

– Clarence Short     

If you are looking for lawyers that will fight for everything you deserve… you found the right firm!

– Maria G.     

They help me fight the case and the insurance company for fix my car and win my case for me and my family too.

– Mamadou Diallo     

I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside this law firm on several matters. I highly recommend them. A tightly run ship.

– Francois Annabi     

Just closed my case !!!! No matter what hour when I needed something the lawyers and girls had all the answers !!!!! They bring the money !

– Steve S.