Practice Areas

New York Personal Injury Lawyer

Recovering from a work-related injury, automobile accident, or any other type of accident or illness can be overwhelming, especially when it occurs through no fault of your own. Besides recovery, you may be struggling with lost wages and unpaid medical bills. If you're looking for an attorney in the practice areas of personal injury and auto accidents, the Grigoropoulos Law Group PLLC can provide qualified legal assistance.

New York Workers' Compensation Lawyer

A workplace injury isn't something to take lightly. In fact, a workplace injury can be devastating, adding medical bills to your budget while also robbing you of the ability to work. Your employer has workman's compensation insurance to protect you from this problem, but the sad reality is the settlements paid are often far too small to truly cover your needs. That's why you need the service of a Ridgewood, New York workers' compensation lawyer. Chrissy Grigoropoulos of the Grigoropoulos Law Group PLLC is here to fight for you, providing the services of a workers' comp lawyer who has your best interests in mind.

New York Criminal Defense Lawyer

Have you been accused of a crime? Whether or not you feel those accusations are justified, you need to get the right legal help immediately. When it comes to criminal cases, time is of the essence, because the longer you wait to get help, the less evidence is available to build a strong defense. The Grigoropoulos Law Group PLLC offers the services of a Ridgewood, NY criminal defense lawyer who will aggressively fight for you.